Kitchen start up essentials

May 15, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Kitchen start up essentials

Kitchen start up essentials

When planning a business in the catering industry there are many different aspects to consider, especially when it comes to renting a commercial kitchen space. As well as size, price and location, you also need to consider the essential equipment that you need and ensure the kitchen you pick to rent has these included. Here is a guide to exactly what professional equipment you should look for when starting your business.

First things first, take a look at your business plan and consider the type of food you are going to be making and selling as different food establishments will require different equipment. You won`t need the same equipment as a pizzeria if you are setting up a cup cake business. But there are some essentials every business in the food industry requires.


  • Fridge/freezer
  • Ovens/hobs
  • Hygiene facilities – sinks/dishwashers.

It is easy to see what you basically need but you have to think hard about what you actually need, ask a lot of questions and consider each product carefully. Again, it is imperative that you keep referring back to that initial business plan.

Keeping it Fresh

Fridges and freezers are definitely essential to a rented space. Every food business requires some form of chilling and keeping items fresh. The question you need to consider is, how big does it need to be? How many do you need? Fridge-freezer counters are a superb way to utilise space as not only can you keep food fresh, frozen and refrigerated the surfaces can also be use for food preparation – great if you have limited space!

There is also the option of a cold room, perfect for larger establishments and especially fast food. Of course you could choose a space with a separate fridge and freezer but remember to think about how much space you`ll actually need for food prep and cooking. If you`re focussing on desserts, consider finding a space with a blast chiller/freezer, this enables you to save time especially if something goes wrong at the last minute.

Get Cooking

Commercial ovens can be extremely expensive, so ensure your rented space has one included in the rental price. Do you want an electric, gas or a combination oven? There are advantages of both, however gas is usually preferred as the heat emerges instantaneously and can be put out as fast, saving time and therefore money. Electricity allows you to control the heat a little bit more and of course there are no carbon dioxide emissions. Consider what type of cooking will be done the most, if it`s frying say if you were opening a Chinese restaurant, you`ll need more hobs, or at least enough space to add more. If it`s mostly oven baking of various dishes, a large combination oven would be the answer.


It goes without saying really, every hired space should have at least one sink. You and your staff will be washing your hands constantly. Try to find a space with a commercial-sized dishwasher, you`ll have an awful lot of washing up, so this can save you bags of time and energy.

It is important to look around at several locations and types of kitchen spaces. Bear in mind the above essentials and really think about what your business needs. Not only will this make life easier it will save you money. If you are unsure of the products needed take a look around, use the internet and see what`s available.